Kralj Metala Kovnica d.o.o. i Kralj Metala Alati d.o.o. are established as the fifth and sixth subsidiary of KÖNIG-METALL Group in 2013. Kralj Metala Kovnica punching-pressing complements Kralj Metala Alati toolshop, they are located in Zagreb County in Pisarovina. KMK expands the production and distribution network of KÖNIG-METALL Group in the southeastern European market, which represents an important segment of the sheet metal processing, supporting the main factory in southern Germany in Gaggenau.

KÖNIG-METALL group with its factories in Germany, Italy, Poland, Canada, Croatia, Russia and with 700 employees worldwide, is a globally active supplier of the automotive industry specializing in sheet metal and pipe processing. Since the establishment in 1901 through innovative ideas, advanced technology, product quality and production of a wide portfolio, we have created a significant name in suppliers industry.

Seven locations are operating for one philosophy: the factory that fulfills from within what it promises on the outside. Welcome to KÖNIG-METALL.